Busquets Consultors

About Us

We are a law firm and economists with a vocation for service and study, that provide advice in the field of Tax, Commercial, Civil, Accounting and Financial Law, both to companies and individuals.

We study the business of our clients, anticipating each situation and offering a service that adapts to the needs of each one. We are committed to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust, for this we take care of human relations and carefully study the casuistry of the client, attending to the changing environment.

We have been providing advice since 1978, the year in which Francesc Busquets Farrás founded the firm after more than 30 years of professional experience in the commercial and tax fields. One of our main characteristics is the commitment to the company and family groups.


We contribute to society by accompanying people and companies throughout their career in matters that require Tax and Commercial advice, with a vocation for service and ethical behavior, we forge our commitment to provide advice that generates confidence and security to our clients.


We want to offer those who placed their trust in us the fundamentals of any professional team: trust, experience, technique, and continuity.
Thus, the values that define our work are:


Based on attentive listening to the client’s needs, We are committed to finding the best solution, in an environment of understanding, honesty, respect and maximum confidentiality.


The result of many years working as a team and with a faithful and continuous relationship over time.


Constant study is essential in our profession. Because the legislation and the environment are so changing, we are committed to continuous training of our team and we keep our clients informed through meetings and circulars.


We understand our work as the result of homogeneous and coordinated teamwork. In this sense, the client will always be advised by a team of at least two people to guarantee a better service and availability.

Adaptation and flexibility

We adapt to each situation and client to offer the service that is required on each occasion.


Of the collaborators and the office throughout the years; This is evidenced by its trajectory in time that began in 1978.