Below, we highlight the main services we offer to our clients:


Recurring Tax Advice

Advice on compliance with tax obligations, always adapting to current legislation and analyzing the different tax scenarios that may arise from it, considering the deductions, bonuses and other tax incentives that may be applicable.

Preparation and presentation of all those periodic or punctual declarations related to any tax (Corporate Tax, Value Added Tax, Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Tax on Economic Activities, Tax on the Increase in the Value of Land of Urban Nature or Tax on Inheritance and Donations, among others).

Acting and representation in management and/or collection procedures before the different tax administrations (local, regional and/or state) accompanying the client in the attention, response and resolution of requirements and/or verifications carried out by the administration.

Comprehensive Tax Planning

Analysis of the situation and characteristics of each client (individuals or legal entities) and of each case, identifying which tax strategies can be carried out. Anticipation of regulatory changes, analyzing the impact of the various scenarios that derive from them to plan in the way that best suits the needs of each client.

Periodic visits are maintained, ensuring continuous contact with the client to keep abreast of circumstances that may change throughout the year.

Representation and defense of the client’s interests before the inspection bodies until the end of the process.

Inspector Procedure

Representation and defense of the client’s interests before the inspection bodies until the end of the process.

Administrative Procedure

Advice on procedural law, preparing resources both in the Administrative procedure and in the Contentious-Administrative.

Corporate Operation

Advice on the execution of corporate operations and preparation of the necessary documentation to carry them out, especially: incorporation of companies, drafting of bylaws, statutory modifications, capital increases and reductions, dissolution and liquidation of companies, as well as preparation of minutes of General Meeting and Board of Directors that are required in the day to day of the company.

Business restructuring

Planning, advice and drafting of documents in the restructuring of companies and business groups (such as, among others, mergers and acquisitions of companies, transformation of corporate form, divisions and global transfer of assets and liabilities, etc. ), as well as in operations trading.

Inheritance and Donations

Advice on inheritance tax planning and client support in inheritance and donation operations, always seeking to optimize the tax impact and facilitating administrative procedures.

Family business

Advice on estate tax planning and succession of the family business to optimize it, in order to minimize the tax and economic impact on the management, transmission and succession of the same.

Likewise, we provide advice on the choice of the optimal legal control structure of the company (legal-fiscal relations between company and family), on the preparation of family protocols and drafting of agreements that help the current and future management of the family company. .